Wave a flag, pledge allegiance
A common enemy heals the lonely soul

The fight for justice is easy
you just have to tag along

Journalists march in unison
spreading the joy of certainty

Torturous emptiness begone
Cured by all-encompassing fear

The emergency is the sole constant
thoughtfulness an obstacle to overcome

You are a selfless hero
Cruelty against evil is good

You hear people screaming for help
They are the source of the problem

People undeserving of love
even undeserving of hate

The pain is deserved
for everything has a purpose

Suffering leads to growth
and growth leads to cancer

The hissing white noise on the radio
keeps you up to date on current events

We keep winning on every front
with every victory, a freedom lost

The enemy is among us
but never within us

Nothing feels better than
being on the right side of history

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