The great departure

Everything is familiar,
never before seen or felt

I am homesick
I am at home

The houses are empty,
curtains hide activity

I miss them
They never left

The farewell was emotional,
a display of sincere apathy

We went our separate ways,
remaining where we were

Our paths never crossed again,
we reaffirm whenever we meet

Our interactions are fruitful,
they leave a sour aftertaste

We speak the same language
which puts us further apart

We have so much in common,
our worldviews are irreconcilable

They strived to be harmless,
not taking a stand against harm

Nothing unexpected happened,
a mind-expanding experience

They couldn't have known better,
all the information was available

Now they know better
than to think of it

We have a shared history,
having never met before

We have a shared future,
where the other does not belong

I don't miss them
I miss who they weren't

I am not homesick
I yearn for a faraway place

Nothing is familiar
I felt it all along

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