What is Wurmz?

Wurmz! is a video game created in the year 2002 by Patryk Zawadzki. It is a sophisticated Liero Clone with TCP/IP support, that is, it can be played over LAN and the internet. I spent countless hours playing and modding Wurmz! with friends. Since the release of Wurmz!, I have downloaded and accumulated a wealth of versions, map packs, mods, modding and helper tools, even the latest source code of the game. I might well be the last person on earth who has all of this data and I am happy to offer it to the public (back when Patryk sent me the source code, he gave me permission to upload it to my website). The copyright of this data belongs to their respective owners, in particular, I do not know under which license Patryk released his source code. The same goes for map packs and other intellectual property.

Download the game and source code

All versions are tested under Windows 10 and still work with minor problems that should not affect the gameplay. Download and enjoy.

Wurmz!.zip - An original alpha version, the classic version I played and enjoyed most and got me into Wurmz!

Wurmz!Extreme.zip - Wurmz! eXTreme is a very playful and creative total conversion of the game.

Wurmz!ProMode.zip - This is well balanced mod with many new weapons.

Wurmz!SorWurmz.zip - Another playful total conversion, replacing the weapons with spells and turning the worms into powerful mages.

Wurmz!Space.zip - This total conversion replaces the worms with spacecraft and completely changes the look and feel of the game.

WurmzSRC0.3.3.85.zip - The source code of the game. Note that it is quite outdated (using the old allegro library) and requires work to be compiled. Technically, the code should be cross-platform.

There is more data, including maps and mods, which I might sort through and upload if there is enough interest.